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Disposing of Medical Waste at Home

Disposing of Medical Waste at Home

Infectious Waste

By hiring a skip, it means that you can easily dispose of all your waste from any project you’ve decided to undertake, no matter the size of it. Unfortunately, there are some items that we prohibit from being dumped in our skips due to the simple fact that they’re hazardous. If you’d like to see some of the other items we prohibit, visit our waste restrictions page. Medical waste is a big risk to other people’s health and would be in everyone’s interest if it was disposed of at home. We will teach you how to do this safely. 

What is Medical Waste and Why is it Dangerous? 

There are a lot of different items that come under the heading of medical waste. These such items include needles, nappies, bodily fluids and tissues, dressings, waste from an infectious person, etc. You could have these items for a multitude of different reasons whether you suddenly become a new parent, or have had a medical emergency at home. 

Items like these are all restricted from being just simply dumped into a skip. This is because they all contain the risk of infection and contamination to the other people having to handle and dispose of them. Scenarios such as skip operators being pricked with needles has happened, although uncommon, so skip companies like us, Reliable Skip Hire Portsmouth, are better to restrict all medical waste from going in the skips. 

How to Dispose of Your Medical Waste

There are two main types of medical waste. First is what’s known as “offensive” local waste which covers such waste like nappies and other non-infectious items that aren’t inherently dangerous but not nice to deal with. Most, if not all, of these items that you’ll come across as able to go in the black bins alongside other general mixed waste. We still ask, although they’re not dangerous, they don’t get put in one of our skips. 

The other type of waste is the medical or clinical waste that can run the risk of infection and disease. We do not dispose of these for you via our skips as the risk to our skip operators and yourselves runs too high and would be unsafe. If you do happen to have any of this type of rubbish, then the normal procedure is to wrap them up in separate bin bags and preferably placed them in specialised marked bins. For needles and other sharp items, you’ll find community “sharp bins” where they can be disposed of responsibly and in the proper manner. These bins can be found at your local medical sites such as GPs and hospitals.

Need More Help?

If you’re still unsure how disposing of medical waste works, then calling up your local GP or hospital is your best first stop. They will be able to help you with how best to dispose of very specific medical items. There is also lots of information located on the Department of Health website about the disposal of medical waste also. Any other information needed on the waste items that we restrict from going the skips you can head over to our waste restrictions page. Don’t be fooled though, skips are still a great way to dispose of large quantities of all different types of waste from construction and renovation projects. Hire one from Reliable Skip Hire Portsmouth today!

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