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What to Do and What Not to Do When You Hire a Skip

What to Do and What Not to Do When You Hire a Skip

Safe Skip Hire

Hiring a skip is a great cost-efficient and convenient way to dispose of all your waste from household DIY projects and large construction items like rubble, alike. However, there can be big safety risks, and also legal action taken place if some rules and regulations aren’t followed. That’s why we here at Reliable Skip Hire Portsmouth decided it would be good to put together a list of do’s and dont’s to follow when hiring your skip. 

DO Choose Your Skip Carefully

Before ordering your skip, it’s good to know what you need. The basic questions you need to answer are what project you’re doing, how much rubbish you will be generating, and what type of waste you’ll be throwing away. Once you’ve figured all this out then you’ll know what sized skip you need. It’s best to do this beforehand as hiring a skip that is too large or too small, can cost you and can be a health hazard. 

Use our skip size guide to help you out further in knowing what skip best suits the amount of waste you will produce. If you still need a little more help you can call us on 01111 and we can even discuss specific skips such as glass-only, or plasterboard-only.

DO Follow The Safety Guidelines

We always want to ensure that everyone involved with our skips are kept safe. This is why we ask that you take some safety precautions before ordering the skip. We’d like you to consider where the skip will be placed and what kind of rubbish you’ll be handling and throwing away. If you will be placing your skip on the road you will need a permit. 

DO Read and Follow The Waste Restrictions Guide

Our waste restrictions page shows you the items that you may be thinking to dispose of but can’t be put into a skip. There are many different reasons why certain items can’t go into our skips but the main reason is due to safety. We ask that you don’t dispose of items such as asbestos and electrical appliances as they can be highly dangerous. Legal action can be taken place if these aren’t followed. 

DON’T Go Over The Fill Line

There are many reasons as to why overfilling your skip is a bad idea. If your skip has rubbish pilled up past the fill line, it puts the driver collecting your skip and other drivers on the road at risk. It will cause the van collecting to skip to exceed the legal weight limit putting them in a position where they can be prosecuted. Other drivers are in harm’s way as items from the skip can fall out into the road. 

DON’T Burn Anything in The Skips

Burning items in a skip is a huge don’t. Not only does it violate the fire safety guidelines, but it also damages the skips and paintwork. This will result in you paying to fix this damage as well as maybe facing legal action for starting the fire. You can also be reported for this, not to mention the simple fact that it’s just dangerous.

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